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How It's Done

How can you find out if you're a candidate for avoiding abortion altogether? About 1 in 4 women will end their pregnancies naturally via miscarriage. 

To begin the simple process, contact your local Enlightened Woman participating medical clinic. Once at the center, you'll be given a high-sensitivity lab-quality urine pregnancy test. You'll be asked a few questions about symptoms and the timing of your last menstrual period (LMP). All consultations and medical results are strictly confidential. 

If the pregnancy test is positive, you'll be scheduled for an ultrasound examination to determine fetal viability. Usually, the ultrasound can be performed during the same initial visit. Based on the results of this ultrasound exam, medical personnel will be able to tell you whether they are seeing what's expected. One in 4 pregnancies ends naturally in a miscarriage, because the pregnancy is not viable. So it’s important that you confirm the presence of a live fetus before you make a decision. Miscarriage is your body’s natural way of ending a pregnancy. In this case, you wouldn’t need the pain, cost and risk of abortion. 

 ALL services are provided on-site with immediate results, free of charge and with no further obligation whatsoever.

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