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At this difficult time, we want to help you. Your local Enlightened Woman participating medical clinic can help answer any questions you may have. Common questions asked include...

1 . What are the symptoms of pregnancy?
If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms pregnancy is a possibility: 

  • missed period 
  • frequent urination 
  • nausea 
  • breast tenderness or enlargement
  • dizziness 
  • change of appetite

2. Am I really pregnant? 
Home pregnancy tests, if directions are not accurately followed, can lead to mistaken results. An excellent way to be sure is to obtain a free high-sensitivity lab-quality pregnancy test with immediate results and no obligation whatsoever at your local participating center, followed by confirmation with an ultrasound. Even if the pregnancy test suggests you are pregnant, you may not need an abortion! Your period may just be late, or you may miscarry. About 25% of all pregnancies are not viable and end naturally.

3. How sensitive are your pregnancy tests?
The pregnancy tests offered by participating centers vary slightly, but are all lab-quality, high-sensitivity urine tests that are free of charge with instant results.

At participating centers, pregnancy tests are generally up to 99% accurate and: 

  • are done in a clinical and private setting 
  • results will be known during your appointment 
  • can usually be taken 1 day after you miss your period 

The result of a urine or home-based pregnancy test should be confirmed with an ultrasound.

4. What are my options?
Although some women choose abortion, other options include single-parenting and adoption. Or, if you'll miscarry, you won't need to make any choice at all! Call or stop by and let us assist you in your time of need.

5. What are my risks associated with abortion?
Abortion is a medical procedure (resulting in death of the fetus). With any surgical or chemical abortion, there are associated physical and mental risks. Studies suggest an increased risk of breast cancer later in life. Other studies suggest that women getting an abortion, especially those with reservations, often suffer from Post Abortion Syndrome (or PAS). Even if you're already committed to having an abortion, don't rush in as you may not need it! About 25% of all pregnancies end naturally. Why go through the pain and cost of an abortion if it's not necessary? Call or stop by your local participating center and let us help you make an enlightened choice.

6. What do you mean that I "may not need an abortion"? How can you tell?
Many women can avoid having to decide what to do with their unintended pregnancy, because about 25% of all pregnancies end naturally. Pregnancies that end naturally are not viable and result in what are called miscarriages. Why go through the pain, cost and risk of an abortion if it's not necessary? 

A good way to check for a viable pregnancy is by ultrasound technology. We recommend you get your ultrasound at a medical facility that will (a) not charge you for the ultrasound, and (b) not put you under any obligation. 

All Enlightened Woman participating clinics have agreed to offer ultrasound exams free of charge with no further obligation whatsoever. 

An ultrasound exam is painless but tells medical personnel much more than a pregnancy test. During the ultrasound exam, the ultrasonographer will be looking to determine intrauterine presence, gestational age and cardiac activity. If any of these three or other indicators is not medically consistent, a miscarriage is likely to occur.

7. What do I do next?
Contact your local participating medical clinic! In the greater Chicago area, click here for more information including location and operating hours for The Women's Center.