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Even if you have had a positive pregnancy test, it’s important to have the test verified with an ultrasound. One in 4 pregnancies ends naturally in a miscarriage, because the pregnancy is not viable. An ultrasound exam checks for a viable pregnancy. If the pregnancy is not viable, you are likely to miscarry. Your local EW participating medical clinic has the latest ultrasound technology.

Making a decision you feel good about includes getting all the information you need. If you’re considering abortion, you'll be provided with a state-of-the-art ultrasound (you will need an ultrasound prior to an abortion) free of charge. And unlike some facilities, you will be allowed to see the results of the scan.

The ultrasound’s purpose is limited to the three criteria below:

1. Confirming a pregnancy

2. Detecting fetal cardiac activity

3. Determining estimated gestational age 

Remember, you may not need an abortion! It’s important to confirm the pregnancy before you make any decisions. Your local participating center utilizes the latest ultrasound technology and scan capabilities.

ALL services are provided on-site with immediate results, free of charge and with no further obligation whatsoever.

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